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Stauntaan Adoptables ~Open~ Running_wolf_by_jemichi_by_jemichi-d31y08b
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Stauntaan Adoptables ~Open~

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Stauntaan Adoptables ~Open~ Empty
PostSubject: Stauntaan Adoptables ~Open~ Stauntaan Adoptables ~Open~ I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 14, 2013 6:23 pm

Stauntaan Adoptables ~Open~ Temp_115
My name is Kaeli Valiridurchi Saelund, but you can simply call me Kaeli. Me and my brother, Edgar raise these wonderful animals called the Stauntaan.

~~About the Stauntaan~~
Pronounced st-on-tawn, they are large reptile like creatures that stand at about 220 cm (a little more than 7 feet) and weigh in at about 770 kg (almost 1700 pounds).
Found in the Northern Hemisphere , they have been used for work, war, and play just as horses have for hundreds of years. Though mostly used by royals, they weren't depicted much in history. Brought over by  Though now the Stauntann has been replaced with machinery and other modern technologies they are used for riding and for showing. They come in a variety of color, from red to brown and green to blue, and have both scales and feathers.
There is dismorphism between the two genders, the male tends to be bulkier and has a sparse amounts of feathers, while the female has longer legs than the male and short feathers running down the tail.

Currently, we don't have any 'Taans up for adoption, but we should have our fall litter here soon.
Our dull red male, Rossen and aqua green female Gypsy will have an assumed four hatchlings in mid to late October. There should be pictures however for Rossen and Gypsy in the first few weeks of October.

~~Adoption Forms~~
-Fill this out to adopt a Stauntaan. It isn't first come first serve, these WILL be evaluated to see if you are fit for a Stauntaan. For each litter there will be a small prompt to fill out yourself about you or about your Stauntaan.-

Owner Name:
Stauntaan Number:
Gender of Stauntaan:
Given Name of Stauntaan:
Use of Stauntaan: *Pick one or more: showing, leisure riding, working, breeding, other (Please describe fully)*
Number of Stauntaan Owned: *If it's your first one, put first*

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A lionheart.
A lionheart.
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Stauntaan Adoptables ~Open~ Fire_l10
Stauntaan Adoptables ~Open~ Coolte10
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Stauntaan Adoptables ~Open~

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