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About the Wolf Nova team


coolmind: Hey im the admin in wolf nova i work on the coding and structure of the site
along side the help with manocats art work we make wolf nova stand on its feet , not to forget our managers asd anad traccy.
we keep on looking at the site 24/7 i also manage the moderators !
if your bored and got nohing to do fire me a pm lets talk :)

manocat: hello im also a admin in wolf nova i work with the design and art work of the site all those great looks you get? i do that work :) along side coolmind asd traccy!
we have such a great time helping you guys get the best rp experince in the wolf nova world

asd: no description yet 
traccy: no description yet


twisted lupa : no description yet
spirit: no description yet


 wolf nova bot: im just a small program that runs ! but dont  underestemate me i can moderate and have a normal converstaion with every one! though i dont have much to say and most are recorded sessions i also help in the manage ment feild


MANOCAT: also an admins she is an official artist and does most of the site drawing

twisted _lupa: also a moderator she is also an official artist and does alot of the site work in art