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New EXP Counters! Running_wolf_by_jemichi_by_jemichi-d31y08b

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New EXP Counters!

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New EXP Counters! Empty
PostSubject: New EXP Counters! New EXP Counters! I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 13, 2013 12:56 pm

hey novers! A NEW UPDATE along with the fursona sheets! Click here to check it out

This way you can tell between novice or Pro Role players and the better the Exp! the better your rank in a role you can have allears

you may have chances of being alpha (only on custom packs) in role plays! and more people would like you in their role plays!

So have great time novers allears


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New EXP Counters! 6yi2c910
New EXP Counters! Sp_ur11
New EXP Counters! Wings10
   New EXP Counters! And_fl10
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New EXP Counters!

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