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Thunder Pack (Info) [MUST BE READ BEFORE ANY thunder PACK RP] Running_wolf_by_jemichi_by_jemichi-d31y08b

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Thunder Pack (Info) [MUST BE READ BEFORE ANY thunder PACK RP]

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Thunder Pack (Info) [MUST BE READ BEFORE ANY thunder PACK RP] Empty
PostSubject: Thunder Pack (Info) [MUST BE READ BEFORE ANY thunder PACK RP] Thunder Pack (Info) [MUST BE READ BEFORE ANY thunder PACK RP] I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 29, 2013 4:27 am


Thunder Pack My Fellow Wolves
Before you start any RP in Thunder Pack Role Play Forums you must know the True Story and some things about the pack.

The Story:

the beginning
(c) manocat123/asdfghjkl0440

Once upon a time there lived the pack of sprites great wolfs, that pack dominated the area then any wolf or pack. till one day...

It was cold and dark night was sky was lightened by the Great moon rock which rapidly was crashing towards the earth. The loud noise was enough wake the whole of pack up, A few warriors where assigned to see the crash site of the flaming comet, after reaching there the hunters examined the fallen rock and claimed it was powerful stone of power and they felt it in their fur so they decided to call it the moon rock after their pack. After returning to the pack and explaining their witness of the power they felt after touching it, at first the pack did not believe them but when took another patrol to see the rock the pack was very much convinced about it and made a new ceremony on it which the pack would go and visit the moon rock each full moon.

After 3 full moons the pack was getting restless about the moon rock hunters when on hunt would secretly visit the moon rock for power for better hunts and catching bigger prey. The group of wolfs who had first found the rock hid it because they thought some wolfs would get power hungry and do bad things with the power they got from the rock. When the rest of the pack went to the rock at full moon they were out-raged to find that the moon rock was not in the place it should be and soon found out which wolfs had hid it and those wolfs would not tell were it was. when ever the pack asked they would refuse to tell and soon they left the pack to guard the moon rock so that if a wolf came close to the moon rock they would not be able to get it because of those wolfs defending it. the group of wolfs that hid the rock called themselves moon-shadow pack because they were always next to or near by to the moon rock. the pack they had left called them dark pack because they were evil in their eyes because they thought they wanted the moon rock for themselves.

after a few full moons and the wolves know as dark pack still had not told them where the moon rock was. after a bit the pack decided that they would split up in order to find the stone quickly. but one night the two group of wolfs slept near the lake and were going to continue to search in the morning but that night there was a flood and it was most of the first group that drowned because the second group insisted that they slept in the front of the area and the first group slept near to the back which was nearer to the lake. in the morning the groups blamed each other for the deaths and split into to separate packs. the group that had slept near the lake called themselves thunder pack and the other group called themselves fire pack.

full moon after full moon fire pack and thunder pack could not find the rock and in dark pack there was only one wolf left who knew the real location of the rock. then suddenly that wolf died and was not able to tell where the rock was before his death. so now all three packs are looking for the moon rock and every full moon the three packs would meet in peace in the moon crater (which was the place where the moon rock had landed) and get power from the crater because crater still had some pieces of the moon rock. the wolfs don't get the same amount of power as they would from the moon rock but they did get power from the moon crater.

Thunder Pack Information:


Thunder Pack (Info) [MUST BE READ BEFORE ANY thunder PACK RP] Thunder+pack


Swift & Loyal

reason of separation:

Welcome thunder pack hunters after Dark pack left it was just thunder pack and fire pack left in moon pack after the disloyalty fire pack showed leaving behind the thunder pack hunters by the lake when the lake over loaded and killed them... The main reason of our separation was fire packs Proud act they took we still leave did not leave the old moon pack lands instead we have moved closer to the other pack and near to the The Great moon hollow.
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Thunder Pack (Info) [MUST BE READ BEFORE ANY thunder PACK RP]

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