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eyes of the wolf

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Luna Fang

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PostSubject: eyes of the wolf eyes of the wolf I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 13, 2013 2:17 pm

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Chapter One:

A lone howl echoes through the endless forest as Luna called the pack back to the cabin, after the long day of patrol. The only response she got back, however was a single howl from her pack mate Crystal, who had been ill that morning. With this, she started to walk quickly to the tree line. Crystal soon came out with a slight look of uncertainty.
With a sharp snap of her jaw, Luna looked to Crystal with authority. “Where did they go?!”
Looking back, with a slight shuffle of her paws Crystal responded. “They went to the club, even though you told them not to.”
Luna shook her head and growled lightly at herself for not being able to keep up with her own pack when Hokori was away. Without another word, she ran off to the open garage. As she reached the door, she instantly changed from her wolf form to her human one. There was little noise, except for the slam of the door, as she entered and crossed the room to her motorcycle helmet. She opened the garage door before hopping onto her bike and revving it to life.
As Luna exited the garage a light drizzle started to fall but because she traveled through the trees, she didn’t get wet. To the human eyes the forest is dark and desolate past the bright light of the bike, except when the occasional lighting strike shines through the leaves. Luna’s hair whipped with the constant wind from the wind and the ride to the road. She took a sharp turn to the right as she exited the driveway and leaned on the gas.
Picking up speed, she raced to the edge of town where the club was. Most of her anger was gone by the time she cut off the bike but she had enough fuel to get them a good talking too. With a quick pace in her step she pushed the door open wide and scan the room. Not knowing what was happening, everyone looked at her, even her pack. With a frown on her lips she walked directly to the table, not even noticing others around her. In moments Luna slammed her hands on the table, making the glasses shake. This motion alone told the pack that she was mad.
“Well, what do you have to say for yourselves? Just because Hokori is away, doesn’t mean you can do what you want. I had told you to stay at the cabin, so I expected you to. With this you are not allowed to come back here for a month and you will be on patrol duty more.” Luna letting her anger fuel her words not her fangs. She didn’t want to make too much of a seen. The others said nothing but nodded as they understood.
Roger then pulled out a fifty to cover all the drinks, laying the money on the table as he got up. “Let’s go guys” He said lightly as he looked to Luna before exiting the building.
One by one the others walked by her and nodded softly as they left. Luna then sighed and shook her head lightly before following. By the time she had gone outside, most of the pack had left. Roger walked to her lightly frowning but said nothing, knowing this wasn’t the best time to talk and that he would get his say when they got back. They both cranked the bikes up and drove off, Luna ahead of him. She knew he would stay right behind her.
As they were riding the drizzle had picked up to a steady rain and her hair was fully wet now. With the wind picking up as well she almost didn’t see the deer come out. She came to a screeching halt and Roger lightly hit her bike.  She started growling again as the deer took off and looked to Roger. He just shrugged and they got on their bikes again. Luna let this go and they reached the cabin minutes later.
The others had left the garage door open and so Luna and Roger simply drove their bikes inside. Luna shook her head dry once she was off her bike and gave a look to the others at the door. They then quickly ran inside the house. She turned and hit the switched the control for the door to close. Roger had already went inside by then to get everyone in the living room. She walked silently but with purpose. When she walked into the living room she leaned against the door with her arms crossed. A few where standing but crystal and Roger where siting on the couch.
Just the look Luna gave them explained it all and she didn’t have to say nothing more. She would talk to Hokori when he got back and that would be it. She then simply left the room and headed to the kitchen. Her mind was tired and she was hungry. She grabbed a cup from the shelf on the way to the fridge. When she tried to open the fridge though it stuck and so she had to sit down the glass and tug the door for it to open. She grabbed the tea jug and quickly poured it into the cup. Within another instant, the jug was back in the fridge and the door slammed close. Just as she was sitting down with the cup of tea, Crystal came in and sat down across from her.
“I’m not saying you did, but it seems you over reacted at the club” Crystal says with a simple look. She didn’t like it when the others acted up but she knew that they had to listen to Luna and Hokori.
“Trust me, I did not overreact since what could have happened was much worse. If they patrol as they are supposed to and behave, I may let them go to the club again soon, but only if.” Luna says as she finishes her tea. She then lays her head in her hand. Her hair falls slightly in her face and she sighs. Without another word to Crystal she gets up and puts the cup in the sink and leaves the room.
Luna climbs the stairs slowly and when she reached the top of the stairs she turned to the right. The first door to the left was hers and Hokori’, even though he usually did night patrol. The room was generally simple. A light lavender color but the dresser and the bed were more ancient. She caught her reflection in the mirror and sighed. Her long black hair was a mess and needed brushing. She could also see small rings under her silver eyes, from the lack of sleep. Instead of heading out onto the balcony as she usually does at night, she went straight to bed. A light breeze that came through the balcony doors eased her right to sleep.
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eyes of the wolf

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