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full general intro tutorial (detailed) Running_wolf_by_jemichi_by_jemichi-d31y08b

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full general intro tutorial (detailed)

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full general intro tutorial (detailed) Empty
PostSubject: full general intro tutorial (detailed) full general intro tutorial (detailed) I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 24, 2013 3:47 am

This is a complete tutorial on the website keep checking this post for any new editings though we post everything in FAQ page . ignore any spelling mistakes or typos (my auto correct wont work :mad:  )

forums consist of 5 sub forum and furthur catogries Howl 

I will now tell u about each sub forum :allears: 
wolf role play
full general intro tutorial (detailed) Screen10

this is based on the story of wolf nova made by the admin
story: (although its post on top of every wolf forum)
story OF wolf nova:

how you join packs will be explained soon
general forums
full general intro tutorial (detailed) Screen11
these forum consist of more over general disscusions or introductions but all posts and threds must be child friendly because these forums are viewed by a younger age group any innapropraite behaiver will get u banned by an admin or forum mod
other animal role play
full general intro tutorial (detailed) Screen12
this forum is related to non wolf role playes no matter what pack you join here in this role playmthat is not seen as these forum posts can be off topic u can make ur own story rp according to it make ur own packs or tribes and be part of any pack by filling it in the info sheet provided by forum thred starter u r suppose to fill
full general intro tutorial (detailed) Screen13
her you learn role playing and get a cetificate by passing a test if we host one you can show in your signare or show to other sites for maybe a mod role as part to show and prove ur experinced in the roleplaying field
you cant also learn more things html and see if an expert could help u with ur own site !
you can also learn art from artist
full general intro tutorial (detailed) Screen14
here u can be creative with ur art by making art galleries writing ur story or book also set up ur own adoptables shops

thats all about the forums
how to join a pack
joining a pack may be hard but easy to first go to the top pages and go to groups
when u register u r a loner wolf but when u join a pack ur now part of that pack even though u r still in loner pack when u join ur pack u r no longer loner
this is how you can tell which pack a person belongs to by there name coulours
loner wolves - blue
once u suscribe to the group u wait till the pack leader accpets ur request and then u join
u can't join more then one pack u will kicked from any more then one pack
chat box

you can use ur wolf nova acc to use a chat located in the pages a blue button with a cchat icon
her u can chat with u wolf friends live thos chat is also free of the wolf nova stpry this chat belongs to no special pack members all members can chat here
you can be mod of the chat if we think u r worth it
how to report

you can report a player to us by private messageing a admin on wolf nova with a link to the forum post the player was being innaproprait or with a pic pf the player

well bye bye now I will keep adding to this post allears please feel free to reply to this post if u had a problem some werw and want me to explain it or if I missed a point also u can ask me questions or manocat to help u with any problem

full general intro tutorial (detailed) Tumblr_mpuq4iVVdm1s85rrlo1_500full general intro tutorial (detailed) Tumblr_mxctu0sqCK1s4biryo1_500full general intro tutorial (detailed) Tumblr_me2kzyPS5m1rig7vyo1_500
    full general intro tutorial (detailed) Mtjw11
full general intro tutorial (detailed) 2u7qcna
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full general intro tutorial (detailed)

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