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simple coding html info/tips/tutorial

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PostSubject: simple coding html info/tips/tutorial simple coding html info/tips/tutorial I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 05, 2013 1:28 am

this is an article containing all the BASIC of coding with html!
im the admin of Wolf Nova and its coder !
let us start then !

1. What is HTML?
HyperText Markup Language:
HTML is a plain text file with commands <markup tags> to tell the Web browsers how to display the file.
Tim Berners-Lee created HTML while at CERN, (the European Laboratory for Particle Physics) in Geneva.

html is an internet language ! its quite use full all your blogs sites etc are coded in html

in this article im just going to introduce you to html and simple html codes!

HTML defines a number of element types (written in uppercase throughout this FAQ, although HTML is case insensitive). An element type, e.g., EM, assigns some semantic meaning to its content.

An element is a concrete instance of an element type. An element usually consists of a start tag (<em>), some content, and an end tag (</em>). Tags are written in lowercase in this FAQ. HTML allows some end tags (and even a few start tags) to be omitted. Do not confuse tags with elements; the BODY element will be present even if the <body> and </body> tags are omitted. Certain element types – declared as EMPTY – must not have an end tag. One example is the IMG element type.

A start tag can contain attributes, comprising an attribute name, an equals sign (=), and an attribute value. Example: lang="en". Attribute values must be quoted in some instances, so it is good practice to always quote all attribute values. Some boolean attributes are allowed to be minimised in HTML, which means the name and the equals sign are omitted; e.g. selected. Some attributes are required for some element types, e.g., the alt attribute in an IMG element.

An example of an EM element with a lang attribute:
HTML Code:
 <em lang="en">content</em>

Beginners often use phrases like 'alt tag', but that is not correct nomenclature; alt is an attribute, not a tag. Tags are surrounded by <…>.

The first version of HTML (1989) didn't have a version number; it was just 'HTML'.
The first 'standardised' version of HTML (IETF, 1995) was called HTML 2.0.
Then the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was formed. It presented its first 'standard' version (W3C isn't a standards body, so their 'standards' are really called 'recommendations') in 1997: HTML 3.2.
HTML 4.0 came out in 1998, and was quickly replaced by HTML 4.01 in 1999. That is the latest and current version of HTML. The W3C has announced that it will not create further versions of HTML. HTML 4.01 is the recommended version for creating HTML documents.
However, the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) are working on what is referred to as HTML5, hoping that it will eventually be accepted as a W3C recommendation.

we also use html in our daily website posts! of course its hidden but in the back ground even this post im typing here is being coded in html

when every we start with an html element we put it in <> and end it with </> this is very imp! mistake in this and you have a text that wont do nothing just sound like french!
for example now if i wanna write a paragraph in html formate i would do:
 <p>hola every body i hope you like my help!</p>

as u see i put the element after the / symbol in my hash tag

just like that they are millions of simple code!
i am a specialist in blogger html and javascript so if you have any problem with blogger blogs i bet i could help you in that i have 3 years experience in blogger (html and javascript)

well hope you like this short tutorial  to ask more questions related to BASIC html just reply to this post !

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simple coding html info/tips/tutorial

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