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set of wolves in packs

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PostSubject: set of wolves in packs set of wolves in packs I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2013 2:24 pm

there are the category of wolves
1. Alpha wolf pair: Male and female, not necessarily mates but they are the leader of the pack.
2. Bravo wolves: The deputies that make up park of the council for pack.
3. Elder wolves: Old wolves that no longer hunt but that have a lot of wisdom, also part of the council.
4. Hunters/Warriors:
5.Healers/Charlie wolves: Wolves that heal and that help any injury a pack member gets. One Master Healer, and up to 3 other lower ranking wolves.
6. Scouters/Spies: Wolves that scout for other wolves, prey, and new areas. They help with the hunters and healers on occasion.
7. Pups: Self Explanatory
8. Pupless Wolves: Wolves that cannot breed, given menial tasks to do.
9. Loners/Exiles: Self Explanitory
(by Twisted_Lupa )
insert you category in the beginning of a role play thread!

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set of wolves in packs

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