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Violence Rules

Violence is common in role-plays, as most characters get into a fight sooner or later. However, like the rest of role playing sites we want all content to be safe for children to view. Fight scenes may not be overly violent, graphic, disturbing or gruesome.

  • There should not be descriptions of excessive blood/gore or serious bodily injuries.
  • There should not be descriptions of sadistic violence where a character takes pleasure in the victim's suffering, whether described by the aggressor, victim or onlooker.
  • Sexual violence of any kind is never acceptable to roleplay or imply, whether described by the aggressor or the victim. This includes any mention of "forced mating".

Ongoing and unprovoked abuse is not an appropriate roleplay topic for wolf nova, and will not tolerated.
A character may not be physically abused without any explanation/provocation, nor can there be a relationship between two characters that is purely centered around an 'abuser' and an 'abused'. This includes "slave/master" relationships where one character repeatedly abuses the other.

Characters MAY:

get into minor fights and scraps that do not end in very bloody/gory scenes, such as scratching/kicking/biting and then walking away with only minor bruises and scratches.
have implied (PG) violence in their character history, as long the mention and description of it is not overly detailed and inappropriate. Implying a history of sexual abuse or forced mating is NEVER ALLOWED.
get into implied violence "off-screen" that is not described in an inappropriate or detailed manner.
suffer death or serious injury as a result of a fight/attack, as long as it is not described in gruesome detail during the fight or in recovery (e.g. a character may go to vet to be treated for broken bones, or may lick its wounds, but without gruesome descriptions of their injuries or how they happened.)
Characters MAY NOT:
Get into scenes which describe actions and details to a level that would be inappropriate for children and sensitive users to read. This includes overly descriptive or graphic scenes involving excessive blood, gore, serious injury, and death.