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PICTURE POLICY Running_wolf_by_jemichi_by_jemichi-d31y08b

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1) Like the rest of the site, all content should be child-friendly.
2)If you're using images for your roleplays they need to follow these rules: If using drawings: do not steal COPY RIGHT art you find online - only use art which was drawn by you or for you unless it is something widely distributed for free fan-use from famous books, movies, or TV shows, such as official images from My Little Pony, Pokemon etc. No images showing excessive

3)blood/gore/horrific injury or animal cruelty

4)Picture of your real self or part of your body is not acceptable!

5)NO REAL HUMANIOD PICTURES! dont post picture of you your friends ! only cartoon humnoid picture are allowed!

6)Picture sould not have any sexual content or nude content and must remain child friendly at ALL times no matter how old you are!(breaking this rule will ban ur complete ip not even letting you view the site and you will be banned without any warning!)

7)FontMeme pictures or other images containing text in roleplays FontMeme is the name of a website that allows people to make cool headings and subheadings in different fonts Image It's fine to use images like these as headings/subheadings for your character reference sheet or for a roleplay description page. however dont spam with these